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New England Bike Trip – July 2016

New England Trip

Last year, I did a trip with Don and Mitzi as part of the Whispering Giants Tour with a stop to explore Niagara Falls. We had planned to ride through the New England states on the way home, but changed our route to avoid a storm. So, this year I went on another trip with them through New England and picked-up some stop for the Tour of Honor.

Don, David, Mitzi, and “Rebel” about to head-out from Manasses, VA.

Pic at meet-up location.

We crossed the Potomac River via historic Whites Ferry.  Its the last ferry still in operation on the Potomac River.

Finding some roadside attractions is always fun on a road trip.  The Haines Shoe House was a nice stop on our way to Newburgh, NY to see Orange County Choppers.  Who would build a shoe house?  A wealth man who made his fortune in the shoe business named Haines.


Orange County Choppers was a fun stop.  They have some great bikes on display, such as the FBI bike and the Spiderman bike.  There were way too many for me to post them all here.  It’s definitely worth the trip to checkout their bikes.  They also have a good restaurant.



Don is a former US Navy submariner, so it was fate that we just happened to pull up to a submarine on display in Portmouth, NH – The USS Albacore.    Its was an experimental submarine commission by the US Navy.  We were able to take tour of the sub and buy some cool souvenirs.  That’s one of the great things about a road trip – finding fun things along the way that you didn’t plan.

We stayed in cabins at Moody’s Motel & Cabins near Bar Harbor, ME.  Moody’s has a great diner.  If I lived in Maine, I’d eat there all the time.  The meals and pies was the best diner food ever!

We took a great boat tour in Bar Harbor.  During the boat ride, the Captain threw some food near an Eagle’s nest.  Don was able to snap the picture below just as the eagle grabbed  his meal.  It was an interesting and relaxing boat ride.

Just after we checked into a hotel in Bangor, the fire alarm went off.  We found-out that it was caused by someone smoking in their room.  It was a non-smoking hotel.  We had some great lobster in Bangor.  I ordered lobster rolls twice – they were great.  I have read several Stephen King books and wanted to see his house during the trip.  It did not disappoint.  The iron fence has bats, spiders, and dragons.   There was also a very cool Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor.

While in Bangor, we stopped to see the Cole Land Transportation Museum.  I thought it would to be a small museum, but it was much larger and impressive than I expected.


We visited the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor. It is a very large and historic cemetery that has burial plots on hill sides. While many folks would not think of visiting a cemetery unless you have a loved one buried there, they can actually be very fascinating to visit.

I wanted to see a live moose in Maine,  but never did.  So that gives me an excuse to go back one day.  Next time, I’ll also ride into Nova Scotia, Canada.


Last fuel stop before we entered Canada.  The scenery near there was really nice, so we had to take a few pics.

Crossing into Canada.  We spent the night in Sherbrooke, Canada so we could enter the US the next day via Derby Line, VT.

We crossed back into the US at Derby Line, VT.  I saw a news story about this border town that really made me want to see it.   While driving into the US through the town, there is a border crossing.  However, there is also a street connecting the two border towns that only has potted plants on it to delineate the line.  Of course, I had to straddle the line.  There is a library/opera house, Haskell Free Library and Opera House, that sits right on the border.  There is a line on the floor of the library delineating the border that we all had to straddle.

Since we were in Vermont, a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory was in order.  It was a fun tour, but be prepared for long lines.

Our last site to see on our way home was Sachs Covered Bridge.  Its a very cool bridge in Gettysburg, PA.  This bridge was built pre-civil war and was used by portions confederate army to withdraw from Gettysburg.


It was a great trip  with some great motorcycle friends.  I can’t wait till my next motorcycle tour…

Tour of Honor – 2016


I do a motorcycle tTourOfHonorImageour every year.  This year, I’m doing the Tour of Honor.  This tour honors our military personnel and Veterans.   The tour involves getting  a picture of your motorcycle and your rally flag (I have flag # 67) in a picture with a monument specified in the tour web site (www.tourofhonor.com).   In some cases, it is not possible to get your motorcycle in the picture.  In those cases, two pictures have to be submitted.  One with the rally flag and the monument and one of your motorcycle in close proximity to the monument.  Proceeds from the tour go to charities that support Veteran and First Responder non-profit organizations.  This tour is a great way honor Veterans, see some of the great monuments to their sacrifices, and ride to new areas that you haven’t explored yet.

Below are sites that I have visited thus far.  To see a summary of sites I have visited, check flag # 67 at this link.


WW II Memorial in Franklin, ME (Tour of Honor Site ME1)


On June 6, 2016 Lt. Col. Duane Carlton (Retired from U.S. Army) struck an elk three miles east of Drummond, Montana and was killed on impact while riding the Tour of Honor.  His rally flag was # 406.  In his honor, the organizers of the Tour of Honor offered to make a donation for each rider that takes a picture with a copy of his rally flag and their bike at any Tour of Honor site on July 2, 2016.  It was my privilege to ride to two sites in his honor.

LTC Duane Carlton Pic

LTC Duane Carlton's Honor Flag


Tour of Honor Site VA5 – Veterans Memorial Wall in Rural Retreat, VA


Tour of Honor Site WV7 – Vietnam Veterans of America Wall Mural in Princeton, WV



Veterans Memorial in Seaford, DE

DE3 (C)     DE3 (A)    DE3 (B)
This site is # DE3 – Veterans Memorial.



At the Veterans Memorial at Chincoteague Island, Virginia

VA1 Up Close

This is site # VA 1 – Veterans Memorial.


2016_Rider_#67_MD4_(pic 2 of 2)

At the Vietnam Memorial in Easton, MD


At the Vietnam War Memorial Easton, MD

This is site # MD4 – Vietnam Memorial



Veterans Memorial in Ocean View, Delaware.

DE4 up close

This is site # DE4 – Veterans Memorial


This is site # VA3 – Halifax County War Memorial.


2016_Rider#67_WV2This is Tour of Honor site # WV2 – Morgan County Veteran’s Monument


2016_Rider#67_WV3.jpgThis is Tour of Honor site # WV3 – Harpers Ferry Veterans Memorial



David Canada’s bike and rally flag.

This is Tour of Honor site # VA6 – Lewis and Clark Memorial

2016_Rider#67_DC2_(pic1of2) Tour of Honor site # DC2 – 1st Division War Memorial.  Pictured from left to right are: # 67 – Dave (me), # 70 – Leon, and # 346 – Don.  It was great finding the sites in Washington DC together.  There was no way to get our bikes in the picture at this monument.  In front of the monument, you will see flowers planted in the shape of “The Big Red One.”  My father served in this Division, so it was a cool that this site was selected as one of the tour’s sites.


2016_Rider#67_DC3Tour of Honor site # DC3 – Victims of Communism Memorial.

When we got to this monument, we found this taped to the monument.  A reminder of how lucky I am to be an American.



Tour of Honor Stop VA4

Tour of Honor site # VA4 – Blue Ridge WWII Memorial 


This is Tour of Honor site # DC4 – Capital Guardians



Tidewater Veterans Memorial in Virginia Beach, VA

This is Tour of Honor site # VA2 – Tidewater Veterans Memorial



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